Webhook by Zapier error: 405 Method Not Allowed (HTTP Status Code: 405)

  • 10 October 2023
  • 6 replies

In creating my first zap I am following the attached directions from the webhook I am trying to connect with. But am getting an error at testing. I have reached out to the company that provided the directions but wondering if any of the experienced friends here have a suggestion. Thank you! 

6 replies

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Hi @AmberAnn 

Good question.

We would need to see detailed screenshots with how all of your Zap steps are configured.

Thank you! I have attached all of the screen shots. The trigger is “Zeffy” new donation. The webhook to gather emails so the donor can log in with email is

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GSearch for how to take screenshots.

Screenshots are tiny and blurry making them hard to review.

Screenshots don’t appear to show how the Webhook step is configure nor the encountered error.

Thank you again for help. I attached more images. Do you have a suggestion on how to attach larger file? This community system said my files were to big when I enlarged. Would putting larger images in a public google share drive work?

Hello, I believe I have the screen shots improved now. Thank you!

It appears I had the wrong URL which needs to be a webhook URL, not a portal URL. They are generating for me now so hopefully I have found the solution. Greatly appreciate your help!