Validation Error when using Dynamic Data

  • 28 February 2022
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Fairly simple problem but I can’t get around this one.

When I use Dynamic Data I get a “Validation Error” response. If I hardcode everything, it works successfully.

I’m using the Custom Code Webhook App to create simple POST and GET calls.

It works in Postman and Zapier (with hardcoded data ofcourse).


It’s really basic form data…


I do need every field to be dynamic. Including Emails, names, phone numbers, etc.


I’m using Zapier’s email parser app to get most of the data, and some data also comes from returns of other API transactions (like QBO).

Looking something like this...


It’s strange to me because the “data to be sent” according to Zapier appears to have the correct parsed values…


Any thoughts?

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2 replies

As an update, I went through the process of creating a whole “private app”.

Throughout the entire creation process all the tests worked (since they required hardcoded data to test), yet again, when I arrived to use the ‘functioning’ private app in my zap I experienced the same problem.

Hardcoded data results in a success.
Dynamic data from previous Zap steps gives me a validation error.


I’ve tried every variation of dynamic data to see if one particular field was causing the issue. It seems that if any field has dynamic data, it ceases to function.

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Welcome to the Community, @footscience:slight_smile:

It definitely sounds like there may be something in the dynamic values that is causing the webhook to error. As it’s a validation error it’s likely there’s an issue with the dynamic values being used for the test. 

Were the values that were hardcoded, and went through successfully, the same as the dynamic values? If so, were they used right before the dynamic values were tested? I ask as it could be that you’re seeing a validation error because a contact with those same values was previously created. That is assuming the webhook creates rather than updates an existing contact? 

Alternatively, I know some apps have trouble with fake email addresses like the one shown in your screenshots. Are you able to test with different dynamic values to see if they are able to go through successfully?