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Text to Line Item not importing into a JSON array correctly

  • 8 February 2021
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Hello Zapier Community!

I am having a little trouble with adding to a JSON array using line items. In my Zap, I get an array object from a webhook to Clubhouse ( This array can have any number of items in it, and they are all URLs. 

My goal is to add to this array. In order to do this, I am converting the line items to text, appending the new URL from my trigger, and then attempting to pass that array to a webhook to Clubhouse

The problem is when I attempt to pass that array though the webhook back to the API, I get a “The app returned "Malformed JSON in request body.".” error. When looking at the data, I see that the URLs are all missing the quotations they should be surrounded in. 

Any ideas on how I can surround the URLs with quotations? Or get the Text to Line Item to include the quotations?

Thanks so. much for your help!


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3 replies

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Have you tried just using the utilities > line items > line itemizer to append more urls. If you are truly putting an array into the field I wouldn’t think you would need to specify that each element in the array is wrapped in quotes. 

If it is a text field. You can replace the commas with commas surrounded by quotes by using a text formatter action, searching for a comma, and then replacing it with “,”. Then you would just need to tack on “ before and after the text field and voila! 


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@GetUWired it worked! I bet I could mess with it more and get the line items to work, but for some reason was having trouble. The text solution worked though! Thanks! 

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Always happy to help!