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Searching Salesforce with webhook from Intuiface given 2 parameters

  • 21 March 2022
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I was wondering if it is possible to search Salesforce using Zapier to find an object that equals two parameters given and return information about that object.


For example, I want Intuiface to send a webhook to Zapier to search both phone number and picklist type value and if and only if both are true be able to receive that person's name and other field parameters from Sa;esforce to display on Intuiface. If one is true, I would be interested if Intuiface can get that info to let the user know which field was matched.


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 21 March 2022, 22:14

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Hi @Taylor R 

Good question.

Have you tried this Zap action?


Hi @Troy Tessalone,


   No I had not tried this Zap action before. I just created a Zap using this action, but where can I select what data I want to be sent back to Zapier then into Intuiface? 


   My SOQL that I want is:

   SELECT Name, Project_Type__c

   FROM Opportunity

   WHERE Phone__c= '1. Querystring Phone Search:Phone Search'



   In the Find Record By Query action I can only input where clause:

    where Phone__c= '1. Querystring Phone Search:Phone Search'


   Thank you so much for the help so far and guiding me towards a solution.

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Hi @Taylor R,


I just tested to build a similar request on my side and my SOQL is much simpler, as I only entered the WHERE clause (without the word WHERE). 

When doing that, testing the Salesforce request, I can then select fields of the opportunity object when trying to “send a message” back to Intuiface. See below. 


Using a hard coded value below for the opp name I’m looking for, but you’d use the parameter coming from your Step 1 webhook). 



Test needs to be successful before going to step 3 (sending a message back to Intuiface)


Then in step 3, I can pick variables from the opp object retrieved in step 2


Let me know if that helps and when you have something working, feel free to shout out about it on the Intuiface community as well ;)