Is there a way to post a file to zapier through a webhook?

  • 5 December 2020
  • 4 replies

I have a html web form on a website that I’m posting to Zapier with a webhook.

I basically want a user to submit the form and the attachment post to zapier and then have the attached file saved into google drive.

Is there a way for me to handle an attachment through a zapier webhook?

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4 replies

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@deanj - Try to send the file in a multipart/form-data POST request to the webhook URL and see if the file appears.

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If the file is a link then encode the file link, like this example:

This is a GET request using query string parameters.

Notice the ?file= after the webhook, then the encoded url of the file link

Comes thru to the Zap trigger as:


@ikbelkirasan I’ve tried this it doesn’t seem to be supported. 

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Hi @deanj!

Since this was a little while ago, I wanted to check in to see if you’d managed to solve this or whether you still needed help here. I do see some comments on my end that users have had success using what @ikbelkirasan suggested (multipart/form-data POST request), specifically in adding it to Google Drive as well.