Integrating Propsectingtoolkit to Googlesheets with Webhooks

  • 27 March 2021
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Hi Guys, 

I am quite new to Zapier. I am trying to integrate Propspectingtoolkit with Google sheets through Webhooks but I am stuck. so my trigger is  “ when a prospect opens an email”  and action = Create new row in Google sheet with First name, last name, company name, email id columns.  How do i go about ?

  • How do I use querystring search box? Please see the below 1st image
  • what do I enter or how I use the Excel fields? please see the 2nd image


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4 replies

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Hi @Santhoshsdx 

Can you please provide more info about how you have the webhook configured in Prospecting Toolkit to send data to the Zap trigger?


In the first image provided, the search box allows you to search thru the data returned as part of the webhook request.

Keep in mind this data will be provided by Prospecting Toolkit when an event happens, so to test and get data to map the Zap action steps you’ll need to simulate the event that will fire the webhook.

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Hello Troy, 

Thanks for the response. I have attached the screenshot of the Webhook configuration in prospectingtoolkit for your reference. Please do let me know where am i going wrong?




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Here’s an article about how to change your Zap trigger data to then configure the Zap:

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Hey @Santhoshsdx!

Just checking in here to see if you saw Troy’s reply here. Were you able to get the desired workflow set up or are you still running into issues? 

Please let us know! :)