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How To Pull Thinkific New User Data

  • 14 July 2021
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Every time we get new user (someone who signed up but has not purchased anything) sign up from Thinkific I get an email that looks like this: 

I need to pull that URL next to “initially landed on” and use it to create different automations (ex: dif automations depending on which landing page they are coming from). I cannot figure out where this data is for me to pull it. I tried setting up webhooks but the data that gets pulled doesn’t include this field:

    "id": "01FAJQ7GT8PS67BXJ3PVA6GQEE",
    "resource": "user",
    "action": "signup",
    "tenant_id": "100828",
    "tenant_global_id": "fc10e0ff-c13d-42c1-8b00-f278c71bf662",
    "created_at": "2021-07-14T14:37:45.000Z",
    "timestamp": 1626273465,
    "payload": {
        "id": 49906342,
        "created_at": "2021-07-14T14:37:44.734Z",
        "first_name": "REMOVED FOR PRIVACY",
        "last_name": "REMOVED FOR PRIVACY",
        "company": null,
        "email": "REMOVED FOR PRIVACY",
        "roles": [],
        "avatar_url": null,
        "bio": null,
        "headline": null,
        "affiliate_code": null,
        "external_source": null,
        "affiliate_commission": null,
        "affiliate_commission_type": "%",
        "affiliate_payout_email": null,
        "administered_course_ids": null,
        "custom_profile_fields": [
                "id": 32611978,
                "value": "Instagram",
                "label": "How did you hear about us?",
                "custom_profile_field_definition_id": 14695
                "id": 32611979,
                "value": "REMOVED FOR PRIVACY",
                "label": "Phone Number",
                "custom_profile_field_definition_id": 13772
                "id": 32611980,
                "value": "REMOVED FOR PRIVACY",
                "label": "Address",
                "custom_profile_field_definition_id": 13771


My best guess is to use this: 

and an event of maybe site.current_user.external_source ??? But if I enter that I only get error messages (I am VERY new to webhooks/API etc) 


Any thought would be very much appreciated 


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 14 July 2021, 23:38

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Hi @Erica 

Try this…

Action: Formatter > Text > Split


OR you can try email parsing.


Parser by Zapier:



@Troy Tessalone I got text split to work in formatter! Thank you so much as always. I hadn’t considered using formatter twice since the url is in the middle of the copy. 

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Even better, try this…



@Troy Tessalone  I did try that first but unfortunately it was pulling the URL from the header  of that email somewhere (maybe embedded with the logo?)