How to create a record in CRM and then open that record in CRM in new tab via URL

  • 18 December 2021
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Hi we are now using a system for our leads that has the ability for webhooks.

I can trigger a webhook and I am able to create a lead in our other CRM using zapier app integration.

What I want to be ale to do is once created I want to open the crm page as a new tab in broswer on the newly created lead so we can fill in more data and process that lead into member in new system. 

is there an app or something I can use to do this in in zapier? or is there a way to call a webhook to do this?

I just want to call a url in a new window with the response returned from CRM app.
Calling a url should be easy so I am sorry if I am missing something very straight forward.


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Hi @RickG 

Zaps work by sending data from app to app (think back-end server to server).

To open a new window or tab in a web browser that would require a link to be clicked on the front-end in the browser.

NOTE: Certain browsers/settings can prevent new tabs/windows from being opened automatically.