How do I parse .xslx file in my Zap or to convert the file first in .csv?

  • 20 June 2022
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I have a Zap that triggers when a new email is received in the inbox created using Zapier Mail Parser. The email comes with a file attachment with .xlsx file format.


I need a way to parse that file in code step or otherwise but preferably in code step because that’s where my other code and calculations live.


Is there a way to parse .xslx file in Zapier or to convert the file first in .csv. I tried uploading the file to Google Drive and then finding the same file and using the text/csv link but i can not retrieve it’s contents and it requires authentication or a public URL.


I also tried cloudconvert but it’s not accepting URL that i provide. If there’s a better easier way to handle this i’d really appreciate it.



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2 replies

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Good question.

Dropbox Find File Zap action has the ability to return the file contents.


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I think you are on the right track with uploading it to Google Drive. You should then get back an option to download the file as csv which you can then upload into the Import CSV utility formatter. (Formatter by Zapier > Utilities> import CSV.

You can also import csv files with Advanced Utilities