How do I create a webhook to automatically pull a new Xero invoice URL into an external database?

  • 25 September 2022
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This question has been asked before but never been answered effectively.


Can anyone provide instructions for creating a webhook zap to automatically pull the client-facing Xero invoice URL into zapier / into our external database, after a New sales invoice trigger fires in Xero?


Or possibly offer a practical alternative to solve this automation?

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3 replies

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Hi @Tristan Scifo 

I don’t see Zapier has any direct action for getting invoice URL, however, Xero has API documentation on how to retrieve the URL for an invoice.

You can use Webhook by Zapier to get the data.


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Hey @robschmidt! Would you be up for breaking down the webhook setup for @Tristan Scifo? It sounds like they’re asking for instructions on how to set this up. Let us know!

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Thanks @jesse, you’re right, I do need someone to break it down for me. Their API script does mention this webhook directly, but the script doesn’t make sense to me.


@robschmidt, I can’t work out how to set up authentication on the Xero webhook. I’ve done it with other services before, but it seems really unclear in the documentation. And I don’t know what specific features to include / not include in the zap once authentication is complete. Any help would be appreciated.