Help with Get Webhook to pull data from shutterstock.

  • 14 July 2022
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Hello everyone!


I am wanting to write a web hook that searches Shutterstock for an image id and pulls that data into zapier. I mostly have this working except right now it just pulls in a generic image instead of the id I am requesting.  I think I maybe should use a different query string pattern than filterByFormula, or how i am formatting the id part is wrong.  I can’t seem to find documentation explaining that part. I am a coding newbie, but am eager to learn! 



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4 replies

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Hi @ZipZapZop 

Good question.

Looks like there is an extra space after the =

Also, please link to the API documentation you are referencing in order for us to have context.

This is the documentation! Thank you


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Try using this Shutterstock API endpoint:


Thank you! None of this worked but i think its more due to Shutterstock wanting money for use of the API. I found another way around this