Get the name of the trigger app for a subsequent action

  • 29 March 2022
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Hi Zapier Community,

In the zap I have built, the trigger app is Hubspot and the trigger event is “New Deal”. Now, I would like to get the name of the trigger app (here, Hubspot) for a subsequent action where I use this name. How do I get the trigger app service name?

I have tried obtaining the bundle and using the name under the service attribute as given here:

"trigger": {
"service": {
"name": "A Zapier App",
"logos": {
"16x16": "",
"32x32": "",
"64x64": "",
"128x128": ""

Even if I turn on the Zap and create a new deal on Hubspot, the name of the trigger service is “A Zapier App” only and not “Hubspot”

Please tell me how I can get the trigger service name as the app that is used to trigger the zap (here, Hubspot).

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1 reply

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Hi @BaIntegrations 🖐🏻

Could I ask where you want to pass the name of the trigger app to? For example, do you want it in an action of the same Zap, the action of a different Zap, or in a field in a different app entirely? Are you building a custom integration using the Developer Platform or adding a code/webhook step into a Zap? Thanks!