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Error with Update Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets, with webhook

  • 5 November 2022
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i am trying to set up a zap to update a google sheet row, if webhook captures a replied LinkedIn prospect. 

I got the error message when testing at the step 3, which says, ‘unable to parse range…’


To let Zap know which row to update, i added Look up spreadsheet row step 2. 

But the result seems doesn’t link to Step 3… 


At the Step 3,  ‘Row’ item below, what should i fill in? 

I tried with some fields, it always returning error testing result. 




Best answer by jesse 7 November 2022, 22:42

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Hi @Axin 

Good question.

You can map the ID or Row variables from the GSheets Lookup Row step.

Make sure to check the description under the Row field and click the “more” link.


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Hey @Axin! It looks like you were able to get this one resolved with our support team, so I am going to paste their response here for anyone following along that may be running into a similar issue:

Looking at your screenshot, it looks like the "LinkedIn Member ID" is mapped as a row ID:
This field is looking for the "ID" value from your "Lookup Spreadsheet Row" step so to fix this, you might want to switch the row value to the "ID" from this step instead.


Then, it appears you were able to make the needed change and get things working - woohoo!


Many thanks Jesse!