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Connecting a Webhook to PTD to set up a client

  • 27 April 2021
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Hi there,

I am having some issues and I don’t know if anyone is able to help me? I’m a complete beginner at this and trying to get my heard around the system.


I am trying to use a Webhook to capture information from our CRM system so that when a particular trigger fires it can use the information in the CRM to set up the client in PTD which is an app I can add on Zapier.


However, I am getting an error message as below when trying to test the trigger.



Below is the system I am adding the webhook into;


Any help with this would be great.


We have all client information in our CRM so when a lead becomes a client I would like there information to automatically transfer to PTD. Is this possible or am I trying to do something completely impossible? 




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2 replies

Thank you, got this working now after your advise!



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Hi @Arnox 

I do not see the error message you are referring to. I am assuming the webhook couldn’t find any data? 

You will need to head back into your CRM and add a test lead to The Bodyproof Project Campaign, which should trigger the webhook. Also, in your CRM make sure that the automation you’ve just set up is active/on.