Bot with access to form trigger where recaptcha does not block it

  • 31 August 2022
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I have a zap, which integrates a form with Bigin CRM, with 3 triggers:

1 - Create the company registration;
2 - Create the customer record;
3 - Create a business;

A bot is using triggers 1 and 2, 3 because it does not fill in is giving an error on the zapier, but it is still allowing it to create multiple entries in Bigin CRM.

I implemented reCAPTCHA on my website to block the bot, but it still has access to zapier.
What can I do to block this bot?


Note: The "assunto" field is a mandatory field, but the bot can create the registrations in Bigin CRM through the zapier trigger even without filling the "assunto" field



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2 replies

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Hi @Leandro Mangueira 

Good question.

If the bot is submitting the same data, then you can add a Filter as Step 2 in the Zap:

Thank you very much, I will try!