Managing multiple connections OAuth2

  • 14 April 2024
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I’m prototyping a new Zapier integration. We want to allow customers to create multiple connections to our application using the OAuth 2.0 flow. We want to display the connections on our website similar to how Zapier displays connections under the app folder. However, we cannot tell the difference between when an OAuth 2.0 flow is initiated for creating a new connection or refreshing an existing connection. So if we had a list of a connections on our end we wouldn’t know if we should insert the connection into our database or update an existing connection.


Is is possible to obtain a “connectionId” or configure Zapier to pass a connectionId or something similar whenever an OAuth 2.0 flow is initiated, either for the update an existing connection scenario or creating a new connection?


Or is this not possible to do or against best practices to display multiple connections if there are.


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