Duplicating Shopify Orders to Infusionsoft

  • 31 July 2020
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I’ve been trying to set up a Zap to copy any orders made in Shopify to Infusionsoft for record keeping, essentially the same as the related post “Duplicating Shopify Orders to Infusionsoft”.

It looks like they solved their problem in setting this up but unfortunately the solution was not included in any of the replies.

The key issue I am having at the moment is in the ‘Products’ field in the Zap for Infusionsoft. I am currently setting it to pull in ‘1. Line Items Name:’ from Shopify.

When I test the Zap using the sample order pulled from my Shopify it returns the following error:

I’ve seen conflicting information around the place when I’ve tried to find an answer for this regarding line items, some of them have said that it is possible to pull line items from Shopify into Infusionsoft using Zapier, and others that it is not.

Any help or solutions would be much appreciated.

3 replies

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Hi @Will and Able I don’t have a Shopify account so I can’t test but I have collected line item data from Shopify for a client.  I recall in the new order zap there is an option to select line items.

The image above isn’t using the Shopify zap.  What are you using?



Hi David,

The first part of the Zap is ‘New Paid Order in Shopify’, I’ve also tried ‘New Order (Any Status) in Shopify’, both have line item support but return the same error.

The information appears to pull in from Shopify fine, however, it is the translation into Infusionsoft using the Create Order in Infusionsoft segment that is the issue.

In the Customize Order section, I have tried all the different line item values pulled from Shopify i.e. “1. Line Items Name: ecoToilet Clean...” in the ‘Product’ line.


Upon selecting ‘Continue’ to the ‘Send Data’ section it appears to pull through the different line items, but testing then results in the error shown.


On this Zapier blog post it lists Infusionsoft as supporting line items so not sure where to go from here.


Any help much appreciated.

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@Will and Able That error is basically saying that the value you are mapping is not an integer (number).

Like I say, I can’t test so I am guessing a little!

Does Shopify have an SKU number that gets read in?  If so can you make the SKU number in Shopify the same as the SKU number in Infusionsoft?  (NB. Infusionsoft has a field in the product that you can put in any number you wish).

So I steps to you are effectively placing an order in Infusionsoft for the SKU that you pulled from Shopify.  It will also map quality.

I hope that gives you another direction to try.