Zoho error: Invalid data for the field First_Name. Details: maximum_lenght 40

  • 20 June 2023
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The problem I have is some Names in LinkedIn has more tha 40 characetres and then, the Zap stop with this error when it try to integrate in Zoho, where the maximun length for this field is 40.

There is a way to cut to 40 characteres in the LinkedIn name before to send it   to Zoho?

Other solution?


3 replies

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Hey there @Sergio Miguel, welcome to the Community! 🙂

If you’re not able to increase the number of characters allowed in the First Name field in Zoho, then you could always use a Formatter (Text > Truncate) action to shorten the name.

That said, can I just double-check whether the issue is being caused by the selected LinkedIn field containing both a first and last name?

If so, you could try using a Formatter (Text > Split) action to split up the first and last name values into separate fields. That way the that should shorten the character count and help to prevent that error from occurring.

If you’ve not used Formatter actions before you can learn more about using them here: Modify text formats in Zaps

Hope that helps. If I’ve misunderstood the situation or you run into any issues on setting up the Formatter action just let us know! 

Thanks a lot!  

Please, could you show me an example?


I am not sure where or how do what you propose.


Big thanks !



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Hi @Sergio Miguel 

You can try using the new Format with AI option available: