Zaps being disabled automatically (on a Professional plan trial)

  • 10 June 2022
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I created a zap for Google Ads to Salesforce (New Lead Form Entry in Google Ads → Create Record in Salesforce). I had to upgrade my Free Plan to use this zap. I chose a 7 day trial of a Professional plan.

This first zap is On.

I then duplicated the zap, changed the trigger (a different Google Ads campaign) and turned the zap on. When I revisit my Zaps page a minute later it is turned off.

I have duplicated the zap 5 more times (total of 7 near identical zaps, just different GA campaign) but the too get auto disabled.

What is the likely cause? Is it because I’m on a trial plan?

3 replies

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Hi @NBI 

Good question.

To help you troubleshoot check here: Zap > [...] > Details > Change History

This will tell you why the Zap turned OFF.

Zap disabled due to a system or configuration error


It might me related to the Lead Form. It sounds like each campaign needs a different lead form (even if they will be identical).

I’ve asked the GA admin to look into this.

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Help article for using GAds Lead Forms in Zaps:

Error: A form may only have one webhook and be used in one Zap

A Google Ads lead form can only be used with one Zap. You may see this error if you try to turn on a second Zap using the same lead form.

If no other Zaps use your lead form, delete the Webhook URL and Key values under Lead Delivery Options, in your Google Ads account. Then, turn your Zap on again.


Deleting these values will break any existing Zaps tied to the Lead Form.