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Zapier not showing all ConnectWise Manage Status options for Service Board

I have a zap that creates a ticket in ConnectWise Manage. In the Create Ticket action, I selected the Board where the ticket will be created. Then, I select the Status to be used on the ticket. But, I’m only shown 25 of our 29 statuses as options, so I can’t use the one that I need. Is Zapier or CW limiting the number of returned/displayed Status options? 

I’ve tried editing the Create Ticket action, deleting and re-creating it, etc. It always leaves out the same 4 statuses, and there’s no pattern I can see. The status is active. Time entry is allowed. Is this broken? A dumb limitation? Am I missing something?

Appreciate any help!


Best answer by christina.d 2 August 2022, 02:44

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Update on this - confirmed that for some reason, Zapier can only show me 25 of the Status options for a given Board. This is a little ridiculous. I deleted 4 other statuses, and then the 4 that were hidden before were available in Zapier. Marking statuses as “Inactive” in ConnectWise Manage did not help. I had to actually delete 4 statuses.

Is this something that can be fixed??

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Hey there, @Unit-371 - thanks for reaching out and flagging this in the Community. Sorry to hear you’re running into this!

I did some digging and it looks like you were able to reach out to my friends in support - which is perfect. I didn’t see an open feature request for this at the moment, so they’ll be your best resource to get that started for you! While we can’t offer any estimates regarding time frames - this will at least raise the request and allow us to track it moving forward.

It will also keep you in the loop via email if anything changes.

Thanks again for sharing your candid feedback with us and the team!

I too have this problem, would be nice to get this fixed. 

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Hey there, @Mathew - thanks so much for reaching out and sharing your feedback. I did get you added to that feature request! This will ensure you’re emailed if and when it gets implemented. 🙂