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Zapier doesn't recognize the column trigger

  • 1 July 2022
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Hi Zapier community,


I am using mysql as a trigger (new or updated row), to catch if a status column is updated. 

I only want to trigger the zap if THIS ONE column has an updated value, but Zapier triggers if any column value is updated. This not only has caused a huge mess of emails being wrongly sent (they come as follow up actions) but has also cost me thousands of dollars in Zap actions being triggered for no reason.


I believe to be have set up the trigger column correctly. Is this a bug from Zapier?








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Hi @stylebase I can see that you continued your conversation with our Support Team and found that the likely culprit here is the way that the MySQL app recognises new and updated rows. 

For other users, if you’re seeing that a Zap using the MySQL trigger New or Updated Row is triggering on Rows that you don’t think it should, it’s likely that the issue is the way that the Zap is ‘deduplicating’ the data. Deduplication is how a Zap knows whether or not it’s seen a piece of information before, you can read more about how deduplication works in this help guide.

In the case of MySQL, Zapier only ‘sees’ the first 50 rows in the database so if the data is re-ordered or if the primary key/s are changed, Zapier will think that the data in the table is new and a ‘new item’ Zap will trigger. This help doc has more information on how deduplication works in MySQL, and how that can affect your Zap. 

To help with deduplication in MySQL, we strongly recommend using the ‘Order by’ field - generally you’ll want to use something that will order the data in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest), something like ‘created on’


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Hey there, @stylebase! I can see you were able to open a ticket with support - which is perfect. Please continue to keep us in the loop with any solutions ya’ll are able to surface. We’d love to know! 

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Probably best to open a ticket with Zapier Support:

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Hi Troy, 


Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, this is not the behaviour I am noticing from Zapier. I am not adding any new rows but just modifying another column and the zap still gets triggered. 


I can see that in this one example below. It got triggered whereas I just modifying the column “main_photo”. Actually this line in SQL was created weeks ago. 


I’m pretty used to using the same functionality with google sheet and columns triggers don’t seem to behave accordingly here.


Any idea?

Thanks again




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Hi @stylebase 

Good question.

The MySQL New OR Updated Row will trigger under these conditions.

  1. Any NEW Row
  2. Any UPDATED Row for the designated Trigger column.

The Zap trigger is essentially a dual option, which is likely why your Zap did not execute as you expected.

To prevent NEW rows from executing in the Zap, you likely need to add a Filter as step 2 to detect NEW VS UPDATED rows.