Zapier cant find new changed report in BambooHR

  • 7 April 2024
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I am trying to setup a zap that watches a BambooHR report and sends new entries as cards over to Trello. I already have one zap working with this exact setup, now just trying to do it again. However when I add a new API key, create the report in BambooHR with people/data loaded in, add in the report number, Zap comes back saying that it cant find a changed report. Has anyone run into this? I have tried deleting the report, adding a new one, making a new API key, and nothing! 


1 reply

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Hi there @HappyPirate,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

it looks like you’ve reached out to our Support Team about this and they replied yesterday with a suggestion. I’ll share details of the suggestion here in case it’s helpful:

Thanks for writing in to our team. My name is Caleb and I'll be assisting today. I see that you're looking for some help with a duplicated Zap with BambooHR that isn't finding sample data. I totally understand wanting to get this sorted out and will do my best to lend a hand!

Looking at the original Zap you created a copy from, one difference I can see is that the Field field is empty in the original. This means that Zap is set to trigger from changes to any field, not just a single specific one.

Can you please try removing the data from that field in the Untitled Zap copy and then test the trigger to see if we're able to pull in a sample that way? 

If we can, you can use that data to set up the rest of the Zap, then go back and update the Field field in the trigger to look for changes in the Last Name, First Name (Full Name) field.

Based on the information provided, I have a couple of suggestions that might help. Here are the steps to try:

In addition to trying that first troubleshooting attempt, I'd also like to request:

  • A full-page screenshot (including the URL in the address bar) of Report 126.
  • A screenshot of a user you updated the Full Name field for within Report 126
    • A timestamp of when that user's Full Name field was updated

Having that visual evidence is important to our case notes and will give me something to use as a comparison when checking our backend logs for further clues, so thank you in advance!

I'll be on the lookout for your reply with any updates.

If you’ve got any questions regarding their suggestion it would be best to continue the conversation with them over email. If you can’t locate their reply I’d recommend searching your spam/junk folder or searching your inbox for any emails from in case. Sometimes their emails can end up in the spam/junk folder by accident.