Zapier AI Actions - Spotify "Add track to playlist"

  • 8 December 2023
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Hello Community,

I've been encountering a persistent issue with the 'Add track to the playlist' action in Zapier for Spotify from custom GPT. Despite multiple attempts and various methods, the 'Track' field consistently remains empty, resulting in failed executions.

Description of the Issue:

  • Action: Add track to the playlist EDIT: The same is occurring when trying to add a track to the library.
  • Problem: The 'Track' field is not retaining the input value.

Tests Conducted (through prompting)

  1. Initial Test: Tried adding a track to a Spotify playlist using a direct Spotify track URL. Resulted in an error indicating the 'Track' field was missing.
  2. Subsequent Test: Switched to using the Spotify track ID instead of the URL. The issue persisted, with the 'Track' field still reported as empty.
  3. Additional Test: Implemented a 'Search track' action to first locate the track on Spotify and then attempted to use this information for the 'Add track to the playlist' action. Problem remained unresolved.

Each of these tests was conducted with the proper format and parameters, yet the 'Track' field error persists. Creating playlists is working fine passing both name and description parameters.

I have also checked the add track action through regular Zapier actions (not IA Actions) and it managed to add the track. Perhaps there is some issue in the AI Actions interfase that is preventing the Track field to be populated. Unfortunately logs are not being helpful.

Request for Assistance: Has anyone else faced this issue or a similar one? I'm looking for insights or solutions to ensure that the 'Track' field correctly receives and retains the data, whether it's a track URL or ID. Any advice or troubleshooting tips from the community would be greatly appreciated.


1 reply

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Hi @Lucas Daniel 

cc: @Reid 

Good question.

I’ve tried this use too case and found inconsistent behavior via the AI actions.

As an alternative, I had no issue using the Spotify app in a Zap.