Zap triggered 43 times, when it shouldn't have triggered at all

  • 29 July 2023
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I have two zaps set up from Dubsado to SimpleTexting. It’s set so that when a project is changed to a specific status in Dubsado, to send a text message via Simple Texting. 

The problem is, when I turned it on, it literally ran 43 times and sent a single client multiple text messages, even though she didn’t meet the criteria for the zap based on how I set it up. In Dubsado, I only have 1 client that meets this exact criteria right now, and it’s a test client. 

If it helps, none of the test criteria matched the exact status when I tested (even though I had *just* changed a project’s status in Dubsado), so I had to edit the record to match the status that I wanted it to send on. Even when I clicked “load more” it just kept loading the same three projects even though I was manually changing the status of other projects. 

Do I need to add another filter with additional criteria somewhere? TIA!! 

Here’s a screenshot of the Zap setup:


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Hi @marybethcapturect 

Good question.

The Filter condition as it’s configured below will always evaluate to TRUE and pass since the left side and right side are being compared to itself.


You need to adjust the right side to be a static value for the Status.