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Zap to send lead in to Klaviyo tests OK but doesn't run.

  • 23 February 2024
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New Here. I created a zap so that when a new Lead (item) is created on a specific board in, that person is added to a specific list as a subscribed profile in Klaviyo. The tests run perfectly. But it doesn't actually run when it’s supposed to. I have tried multiple trouble shooting steps including:

reconnecting my API connections to both apps

making sure there is new data for the zap to process after I have tested and published.

I have checked the zap history but since it is not functioning when live, there is no history.

Really at a loss. Anyone know what else might be causing this or what else I can do?

thanks for your help.



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Hi and welcome to the Community @zapperknot! 👋

I did some digging and discovered a bug report for an issue where the New Item in Board trigger isn’t triggering as expected. That appears to be what you’re running into here so I’ve added you to the list of folks being affected by this to help bump up it’s priority. I can’t give any estimates around when you can expect a fix to have been implemented by but we’ll notify you by email as soon as the app’s developers are able to resolve this issue.

In the meantime, I did see a report of another user who was running into this issue and was able to get it working by duplicating their Zap. I can’t guarantee that will definitely fix it but thought it worth mentioning here just in case. 

If you do give that a try please let us know whether it works or not. 🙂  

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HI SamB,

Thanks so much for looking into this and for your quick reply.

Thanks for adding me the list as well. Fingers crossed they find a fix soon. Honestly, this is the reason I started using Zapier. Will be a big bummer if it turns out to not work.

I’ll try duplicating the zap in the mean time.

Thanks again!


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just a quick update. Duplicating the zap did not work. 😕

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Hi @zapperknot,

I’m so sorry to hear that duplicating the Zap did not resolve the issue here. It looks like we’d need to wait for the bug to get fixed to get your Zap up and running. Also, you can reach out to and say that you’re running into a bug using their app since they are the ones who maintain and update their integration with Zapier.

I appreciate your patience and understanding.