Zap Spamming Slack with Multiple Google Drive Uploads

  • 7 December 2023
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Hi everyone, I made a multiple google drives subzap trigger, that connects to a slack message action.. it works well, might I say too well.

The problem I’m having is every time people upload 20 file at a time, I’ll get 20 spammed message in slack.

I was thinking if it’s possible to do something like:
if it triggers, ignore new trigger for the next X minutes.

or maybe there’s other solutions to my problem?

1 reply

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Hi @vsisters 

Good question.

Some options:

  1. Zapier Manager Zap app can be used to turn Zaps ON/OFF
    1. You can add Delay
  2. You would have to do some sort of logging with formulas to determine if it’s been X minutes in order to Filter and proceed. (e.g. Airtable)
  3. Maybe use a Digest: