Zap problem on Gmail: You are not currently logged in

  • 6 January 2023
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Hi there,

We created a Zap that triggers when a new Webflow form has been submitted. The data is coming alright from Webflow, but then I test the Gmail part (action is to alert someone via Gmail) and Zapier displays the error “The app returned "You are not currently logged in".” which we can figure out why as Gmail is linked and logged in.

Are there any extra steps we have to complete from Gmail or something?


4 replies

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Hi @M.Mckenna!

Hmm, I’ve not come across this issue before. The first thing to try would be to check the connection with your Gmail account, which you can do on your My Apps page. Click on Gmail on that page and you’ll be taken to a page showing all of your Gmail account connections, at the top of that page there’s a button you can click to re-test all of the connections:

Give that a go and see if it flags any issues with the connection from Zapier to Gmail. 


​I hope that helps, please let us know if you have any questions!



Thanks, tried that, also reconnected it as well and same problem unfortunately.


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Hi @M.Mckenna, like Danvers, this is a first. If you’re still experiencing issues, I’d say this is a good time to reach out to our Support team so they can take a look at your account and may be able to identify the issue. 

I have the same issue with my Zap, Did you find a solution for this issue?