Zap not triggering for self-created WooCommerce products, only triggers for products created by another Zap

  • 23 April 2023
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Hi there,


I am into a strange situation.

If I create a new product in Woocommerce the my Zap (For event New product) is not triggering but if the new product is being created by another Zap (to action Add new product) then the above new product zap is triggering.

Can you please help me what might be the cause?


Thanks in advance

3 replies

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Hi @WilCompute 

Good question.

Can you post screenshots with how your WooCommerce Zap trigger step is configured to give us more context?



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@Troy Tessalone hi,
Thanks for your reply.

Following screenshot is showing, how I have configured the zap.

At the time of configuring it is all fine.




When I actually create a product in woocommerce, it is not being triggered. Nothing happens into Zap run history. I have created two products but no trigger for both of them.



But when a product is being added from another Zap which adds a product into Woocommerce from another application then the same Zap is getting triggered. (Same zap means the Zap which I am talking about).
In the below screenshot, you can see when a new product is got added by a Zap run on the trigger of another application then, my New product added trigger is happening but when I myself add a product in Woocommerce admin area no trigger is happening.


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A possible workaround would be to try using the WooCommerce Webhooks:


Used with this Zap trigger: Webhooks - Catch Hook