Zap not pulling new data from Airtable, automatically.


Hi Zap community!


My intention for Zapier is to do the following: 

  1. Everyday, find a record in Airtable that says “Post”. 
  2. Based on the record, in Airtable with “Post” tag, pull the content from the relevant fields. 
  3. Repeat the same for making Twitter Post + Facebook post.

The issue: 

  • The Zap will only pull data from Airtable on Day 1, and for the subsequent days it will not refresh to find the “Post” tag in Airtable based on Day 2 data. Hence, this will result in Zap posting the same content everyday, rather than a new one with new “Post” tag. 
  • However, if I visit this trigger and refresh manually, it would work as intended. 


May I know what the issue is with the sequence for this actions? Otherwise, Is there an alternative workaround for my intended use? 

Thank you!


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Any step after step 2.

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Hi @cl1234 

Good question.

You likely need to add another Zap step for Airtable - Update Record, to mark that the record has already been used.

You can also limit results to an Airtable Table View.

The View filter conditions can help you exclude the already used records.

@Troy Tessalone Thank you for your quick response.

Could you advise on which step should that Zap be added? I reckon it’s the last step?