Zap is adding Squarespace squarespace subscribers to two Mailerlite Lists/ groups

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I am trying to add subscribers from Squarespace Forms to Mailerlite lists. It is kind of working, but I have two email lists in Mailerlite and it’s adding every subscriber to both lists. The Zaps say it’s only adding subscribers to one. But in Mailerlite, people are getting added to both lists.  

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Hi @ThreeBrosFarm 

Good question.

To help you troubleshoot check your Zap Runs history details to see the DATA IN/OUT for each Zap step as well as timestamps of when those Zap steps ran:


Best to outline specific examples for us to be able to have more context and include detailed screenshots.

So, I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of this. I have pop-ups I made in Mailerlite. These do not use Zaps. When someone uses the pop-ups, they only get subscribed to the one list. I can see in Mailerlite that the subscribers who get signed up for both lists are subscribed via API, which is Zapier. Oddly, people who sign up for group A get signed up for both. People who sign up for group B, only get signed up to group B. 

Any thoughts?

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Welcome to the Community, @ThreeBrosFarm. Thanks for joining us! 🙂

That’s very odd indeed! My first thoughts are...

  1. Is there another Zap running that is adding subscribers to the other list?
  2. Are there any automations set up in MailerLite that might be adding the new subscribers to the other list? 

Do you think either of those might be the case? 

If not, can you head over to MailerLite and add a subscriber to the same list (group) that’s been selected in the Zap and confirm whether they also are then added to the other list? That should help to narrow down whether the subscriber issue is being caused by something MailerLite’s or Zapier’s end.

Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you on this!