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Zap integration betweeen Shopify and Google Sheet doesn't work

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I've got 10 integrations of Shopify with Google Sheet to create a new row everytime I receive a new order but they all stopped working today at morning they just stopped sending data to my google sheet spreadsheet. I tried to turn them OFF and ON again but after I turned them OFF it didn’t allow me to turn them on again. It seems like it’s ON but I everytime I try it I receive an Email with the following information:

“Your Zap could not be turned on
We were not able to turn on your Zap “DROPIFY | COMPRA HOGAR MX” due to the following issues after running our checks…
Step 1 - New Order in Shopify
'NoneType' object is not subscriptable”

I also tried to start from zero by deleting the conection between Shopify and Zapier and then creating a new zap but I receive the same message above, and also in the creating of the new zap process I receive this message while trying to test Shopify as a Trigger:

Failed to skip testing for Shopify
Error while retrieving: 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable

Please HELP. Thanks in advance


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I am having exactly the same problem. Please help!


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Hey @Tecno Pago Alegre ,


This looks like a known bug. You can view below article.


The alternate solution i can suggest is to use Webhooks by Zapier.