Zap creates duplicate tasks in and struggles to remove labels in Gmail.

  • 3 April 2024
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I am experiencing two issues in what should be a simple zap.

I have a automation setup to create a task in motion whenever I label an email. Once the task is created, the final step is to remove the label from the email.

Issue 1: If there is a thread of emails, when a label is added, it is added to every email in the thread and when the action triggers, the same task is created x the number of emails in the thread.

Issue 2: I’m having issues getting the labels removed consistently. I think the issue is related to if there’s more than one email in the thread, or even if I sent the last email in the thread.

If anyone can assist, or has experiencing getting these sort of issues ironed out please let me know.

I’m also looking for someone I can work with on some more complex zaps for my business and clients. Recommendations appreciated.

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Hi @danielsan 

A Label is added to or removed from an email message.

An email message can have 1+ threads.

There is no ability to add a label or remove a label from an individual thread in the email message.