WPForms to SQL Zap connecting but not writing new line

I am using Zapier to connect a website form created in WPForms to my Azure Cloud SQL database. 

The connection appears to work fine as Zapier connects to both my WPForms and my Azure Cloud SQL database on the test. I was able to set the WPForms fields to match the SQL database fields without any issue so I know that the connection is working. I have also put in the SQL Database owner credentials for the access by Zapier and authorized the log in from their IP address in the SQL database.

I have tried to test the actual Zap by submitting a sample form through the website and the Zap indicates that it was successful and that it sent a new row to my database but when I review the database, there is no new row and no record of any new activity. 

I was hoping someone may have an idea of why the Zap connects and records that it was successful but that nothing appears to be actually written in the database. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @Alravnyn!

Thanks for lettings us know that you were able to figure out the issue! Great problem solving, and happy Zapping!

Just an update. I discovered the issue.

When I set the Zap up, the first action allowed me to select and map fields for all the tables in my database but only sent information to the last table selected.

Basically I had the Zap set up to do one zap to 8 tables.

I have now created a separate action to send information from the form to each separate table (8 tables = 8 actions on the trigger) in the database and it is working fine.


I confirm that I checked the history and it confirms that the Zap was sent successfully and does not indicate any errors. 

As for the app I am using, I used the standard SQL app for this. It connected easily to the database using the owner login credentials, identified all of the fields in the database to allow me to map them to the WPForms and when I test the connection comes up with a positive connection result.

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Hi @Alravnyn, welcome to the community!

You said that the Zap indicates that the test form you sent was successful, can I double check that you mean that you looked in the Zap history and can see that a) there is a Zap run for the form and b) that there are no errors on the Zap run?

Can I also ask what app integration you’re using for the Azure SQL action? I can’t find an existing Azure SQL Zapier integration and the two Azure-related apps that we do have don’t look like they have actions that would do what you’re describing. 


If we know a bit more about what you’re using we can hopefully help you to get to the bottom of things. Thanks!