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WordPress “Forbidden” error and Instagram “User is not an Instagram Business” error

  • 25 February 2021
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I tried to connect pretty popular platform with little luck. Created two zaps, none works properly.


  1. Wordpress to Twitter. Selfhosted Wordpress, I installed official zapier plugin, activated, all ok. I created zap - on new published post, twitt it. Connected to Wordpress, connected to my Twitter account. Tested, check - all ok. It even worked. Then it stopped. After few hours I got mail “Uh-oh! There’s a problem with one of your Zaps” and then this zap is turned off. Info: “"Trigger partner failure: The app returned "Forbidden”. I return to my panel, check this Zap again - all ok, test passed, it works. In few hours - “Uh-oh!...”. Checked again, all ok, turned on, works. In next few hours - “Uh-oh!...” and zap goes off.
  2. Wordpress to instagram. My account is instagram for bussines, so I tried one of ready zaps. Autentication to wordpress ok, to Instagram -”The user is not an Instagram Business”. But it is. Connected through FB - ok. On FB panel app Zapier is active and has all possible permission. No avail. Deleted connection, removed Zapier app, connected again. Doesn’t work.

Wordpress, Twitter and Instagram are pretty popular platform. Can Zapier connect them?


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Hi @Fotezja,

As for your #1 issue, I think the issue is on the WordPress side. WordPress is a complicated platform, in terms of ease of integration, while the maximum number of WordPress sites are expected to work without any error, your case may be different, there might be some authentication issue that causes a timeout. Check out this blog for more info:

A possible workaround for that’d be using your website’s RSS feed to post to Twitter. 

As for the #2 issue, Zapier doesn’t have an integration to post from WordPress to Instagram. You can utilize any WordPress plugin to do that, one is explained here:

Thanks @robschmidt ! I set the connection between Wordpress and Twitter via RSS - for now it seems ok, will see if it keeps working.

For Instagram - is it possible to make similiar workaround? I mean - via wordpress RSS to instagram? Or another way?


Hello again. Funny, there is app to publish from wordpress to instagram for business available:

I tried it and got errors when trying to connect my instagram account. Error says - it is not instagram business account, but it really is...

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Just wanted to follow up here to add that we typically see a “Forbidden” error with WordPress when a security plugin is preventing access. 

We have more details on how to troubleshoot this type of error documented here: (403) Forbidden Error

With the “The user is not an Instagram Business” error this usually means that the connected account isn't the correct type. Often when a Creator account is used instead of a Business account.

 We have a guide that covers the correct type and permissions needed in order to use the Instagram for Business integration here: I’m getting an error when using the Publish Photos action

Hope this information is helpful! :)