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WordPress error: Response payload size exceeded maximum allowed payload size (6291556 bytes)

  • 31 August 2022
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I am using Zapier to get new published posts and send the title and URL to an excel file. Sometimes I get an error when testing, and sometimes I don’t, but when I publish the Zap, it turns off by itself. Any tips? 



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Hi @michaelteam ,

When the zap has too much errors, it would turn off automatically. Go to the Details and then click on Change History , you will see why it turned off.  (see screenshots below)


In case you KNOW that this error wouldn't affect the zap and you want it to keep running no matter what, you can use Zapier Manager. Create a new Zap with the following steps: 


  1. Trigger > Zapier Manager > Event > Zap Turned Off
  2. Action > Zapier Manager > Event > Turn Zap On/Off

This will simply turn the zap back on whenever it automatically turns off due to the reason above. 


If this helps, please mark it as solution. 


Thank you for the reply MohSwellam

Unfortunately, that did not help. I was able to switch it on every time it turned off, but then the Zap was running up to 10 times per minute. I would be without tasks left by the end of the day. 

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Hi @michaelteam , 


It turns off 10 times per minute? This doesn't seem right. Why would the zap turn off 10 times per minute if it triggers on new posts? 

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Hey folks! Just coming back here to close the loop. It looks like our support team was able to identify this one as a Wordpress bug. I am going to post their response here for your reference:

I did some digging in our system reports and I can confirm we have been seeing other users running into this same error message for new posts. We're still a bit unsure of what is the root cause on that, but our developers have been alerted to the issue and are working to make sure we get it resolved as soon as possible.
While I'm afraid I can't offer an estimated timeline on a resolution, I've attached your email address to our internal tracking item on this and we'll update you automatically as soon as we know more. Really sorry for the hassle here!
In the meantime, you might like to investigate Zapier Manager as an option for monitoring your Zaps. This app provides trigger events that can check for errors or instances where your Zaps are switched off, and then proceed to notify you or even switch the Zaps back on automatically, if you'd like to do so. That may help a bit just in terms of having visibility on the WordPress Zap when it does error. 

I understand that in this case, Zapier Manager is not going to be supportive and will run too many tasks. 😔 I wish I had better news to share at this moment in time but when we do, we’ll certainly update this thread to keep y’all in the loop on a resolution. 🤞

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Hi folks,

Just popping by to share some good news - this bug has finally been squashed! 😁 So there shouldn’t be any further occurrences of those “Response payload size...” errors when using the New Post or Updated Post triggers for WordPress.

That said, if you continue to run into any issues please do reach out in the Community or get in touch with Support to let us know. In the meantime, happy Zapping! ⚡