Why does Zapier create fake data when given empty field

  • 27 July 2023
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One of the action in my zap is a Create/Update user in a third party app. In this action if an ID is provided the app will update the user according to the ID. If no ID is given it will create a new user.

My issue is that when the ID field is empty (it should create a new user) but Zapier is sending a string that looks like this : 


Even tho I give it no data  : 

So when the third party app receive this it tries to update the user “{{202001719__Id}}” witch of course does not exist so it sends back an error.

I even tried to create a code action that set the ID to null if no ID is given, it does output me an empty field that looks like this :

And again when given and testing this output send this {{1722784624__output}} to the app…


How can I leave the Id field empty if there is no id ?

Thanks in advance.


1 reply

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Hi @Mathis Timo. 

Good question.

It should not send any value when the mapped variable is null/empty/missing.

We’d need to see screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured to have more context, along with screenshots about the DATA OUT from testing the Zap steps.