Using Zapier to duplicate a quote from Quotient into Quickbooks

  • 15 February 2024
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I am stuck on an error when testing a Zap. I believe it is to do with the “customer” action field but could be wrong. Screenshots attached.


5 replies

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Hi @Stephen TCC 

Based on the error message, you need to take action in QBO for the Customer with the ID you are testing with.



Thanks for your reply @Troy Tessalone,


I am stumped on what that action is to be. A “customer” is not a billable expense and it is not possible to associate an income account with a customer contact file in QBO. 

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@Stephen TCC 

The Zap step returning the errors is trying to “Create Estimate” for Customer ID 614 in the screenshot.


Possible guidance from ChatGPT:


Thanks again @Troy Tessalone 


The problem with the above suggestion is that “customer” is not a billable expense.

Products and services have income accounts associated with them.

Customers do not.


The Zap requires the customer info file from QBO to populate the duplicated estimate. For some reason the Zap is seeing the customer as a product or service.

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@Stephen TCC 

The returned error being displayed is from the QBO API.


Try doing GSearches on the topic: