Upload Employee File in BambooHR from Zinc - finding the employee

  • 8 April 2024
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Hi I’m trying to link Zinc to BambooHR and have the candidate file from Zinc pull through to their profile on BambooHR. The link would be for the Zinc name to match with the BambooHR name. However (see screenshot) it looks like it’s trying to connect it to a specific employee profile which doesn’t seem particularly useful. If I select custom, I tried pulling through the Zinc first name and Zinc last name to to find the relevant employee but it won’t pick up their profile from this. Any ideas?



6 replies

Hi @ToriHall  Zinc now integrates with BambooHR

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My guess is waiting around won’t yield the desired workarounds and that the BambooHR API would have to be used.

Interesting @Troy Tessalone thank you , this is a Zap that Zapier advertise so I’ll see if anyone else comes back with any ideas as I’d hope it would be quite straightforward!

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You may have to explore using the BambooHR API via the API Request Zap action.

I do not recommend using first/last name to search as that is not a unique value.


Another approach would be to use and maintain a lookup table:


Hi @Troy Tessalone thanks for this, the options I have on the search are either company ID, employee number or work email, none of which would be in Zinc, the app which is the trigger. The options would either be first name and last name or personal email, but these aren’t options...any further thoughts? 

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Hi @ToriHall 

Try adding this Zap action: BambooHR - Find Employee

Then map the Employee ID between steps.