Updating multiple records in CRM from multiple matches in Source?

  • 21 February 2023
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I’m trying to create a Zap that will update our CRM logging an interaction with a contact, any time a specific email inbox in BCC’d.  It works whenever there is a single recipient on the TO line, but it breaks when there are multiple recipients on the TO line, like spouses.


What Works: if INBOX receives email it searches CRM for match of first name, last name, email. If match doesn’t exist it creates it. Then it logs an interaction with the FNAME, LNAME, EMAIL matching record with the email body in notes.


Sometimes I email 2 people at the same time like spouses.  I’d like the CRM to find and update BOTH matches with the same email. 


Is this possible?


I tried the same thing using CALENDAR and CRM. But if there are multiple attendees on the calendar I have same problem.

Is there a way to tell the CRM to look for ANY matches in the EMAIL TO, and run the UPDATE on Interactions against EACH found match?

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Hi @Port 

Good question.

Try using the Looping app to handle 1+ line items: