Update contact record in Salesforce - “We’re not able to use this object type” error

  • 1 March 2022
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Hey there,

I am hoping to get some help with a Zap that was set up 2 years ago and has stopped working in the last 3 weeks (I haven’t changed anything in the Zap). 

The Zap looks to find or create a record in Salesforce. If a record is found, that record is then updated.

The error I am receiving is “Could not update the Contact record with ID [Salesforce Contact ID]. We’re not able to use this object type.” See screenshot below of me testing the Zap.


Any help or guidance on different things I could try to problem solve would be much appreciated

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1 reply

I have also just checked another one of my Zaps, that essentially does the same actions (find or create a contact record and then update if found) and it is working with no issues.