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Unable to "wipe" previous Notion DB item, date/time value. Cannot set Date/Time value to null/empty.

  • 16 March 2023
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Notion DB Item has property “Closed At” with date/time value set from previous “Closed” Zap that detects change in State (Open/Closed).

Zap updates the Notion DB Item to reflect the same source state (Open/Closed), also populates an empty, Notion DB Item property ‘Closed At’ with the received date/time value.

When the Zap again detects state change in source object, it successfully changes the Notion DB item ‘State’ from Closed to Open, yet unable to clear/wipe the “Closed At” date/time value.

I have tried using other properties from Find Notion DB item: Properties Closed At End (value) which is null/empty, no change.

I have tried using a code step to set and pass null value, no change.

Wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior and know how to clear the date/time value from existing Notion DB Item? Thanks for any help! :)



Best answer by FreezingPete 16 March 2023, 17:15

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Found solution in this article ( ) and then added additional Zap action “API Request (Beta) in Notion”.



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Thanks so much for sharing the solution you found here, @FreezingPete! So glad you were able to make use of our (Beta) API request feature to clear the value from the Closed At property. 😁🎉