Unable to view actual LinkedIn Lead Gen Form data in Zapier.

  • 13 November 2023
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Hello, i have recently been trying to create a zap regarding a LinkedIN Lead gen form. The whole idea is that the Zap needs to 1. Send an email when the lead gen form is filled out, and 2. Write the Lead information in an google sheet.

Now the problem is that i can not see the data from the Lead gen form, it seems that it just comes with example data, and therefor i can not create the zap as i want. 

The only data i can see is this, both with the email and google sheet action:


1 reply

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Hi @OliverJ 

Good question.

I'm not receiving any test data

You can create test leads with a click of a button through the Campaign Manager UI. The complete instructions are mentioned in this help article.