Trouble retrieving all booked projects in HoneyBook

  • 7 September 2022
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I have integrated both my HoneyBook and Notion accounts in Zapier. I created a zap  have used the ‘New Project Booked in HoneyBook’ as my trigger. I have a few projects book in HoneyBook but only is showing up one very old project as an option to test the trigger.  I can get the trigger to work only on the one project, but I have several projects in Honeybook that will not show up.  I am trying to do this in one action rather than a filter action.  Can anyone provide advice?  


Thank you!

3 replies

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Hi @kgef, welcome to the community!

I can see that the Honeybook New Project Booked is an instant trigger, which can sometimes be tricky to test because they look for new examples. Instant triggers will search for new data for 3 minutes. If a new item isn’t created in that time, the trigger test will fail.
To test instant triggers:

  • Open a new browser tab or window. Prepare a new item in your trigger app, but don’t save or submit the item yet.
  • Return to the Zap editor and click to open the Test trigger section.
  • Click Test trigger.
  • Go back to the tab or window with the item you prepared in your trigger app and click to save or submit the item.


That said, if you have all the information that you need to set up the Zap with the older project (ie it has the right fields to add to the other steps) then you can set up your Zap using the older sample. Once you set everything up and turn on the Zap, it will capture any new projects that are booked in HoneyBook. 


I hope that’s all clear, let us know if you have any questions! 

This is not the case.  It does not find new data.  As a matter of fact, it only finds data that is 8 months old.  Any other advice?  


I have created lots of new real data and test data, and in neither situation does it find the projects that are “booked” in Honeybook.

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Hey @kgef!

Wanted to check in to see if you managed to get this working. As Danvers mentioned, you can always set the Zap up with an example from your trigger (even if it’s not a recent one), assuming you’ve got all the fields you need. 

Then turn the Zap on, and often times when you go back into the Zap you’ll be able to pull in some more recent samples.