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Tracker ATS system doesn't have a good way to look up candidates

  • 23 February 2024
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I am trying to create a zap that will link my new candidate interviews to Tracker, which is my applicant tracking system. The problem is that, while Tracker allows me to create steps that look up candidate records, and these steps then output the candidate’s ID number, there is nowhere to put the ID number in later steps. 


If I want to add a step later in my zap that creates an activity, for example, and I want that activity to appear in that candidate’s profile, I cannot find anywhere to enter the candidate ID. This is a problem, because what if I have two people with the same name? If someone named John Smith applies in 2024 and a different person named John Smith applied back in 2021, which profile will that new activity appear in?


Also, I tried putting the output from the “lookup” step in the “resource name” field in the activity creation field, but this did not yield results upon testing. Frustrating, because if I’m actually in Tracker and I enter a candidate ID in the Activity’s linked resource field, it pulls up the candidate, no problem.

This seems like an oversight, and one that I hope Tracker will fix soon.


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Thanks so much for reaching out about this, @fredkms! 🙂

I did some digging and it appears that you reached out to support in the past about this and they added you to the feature request we’ve got open for the ability to link candidates to activities in Tracker. I can’t give any estimate as to when that functionality may get added to the Tracker app on Zapier but we’ll definitely let you know by email as soon as it is. 

Looking at the Create Activity endpoint for Tracker it doesn’t look like candidates can be linked to an activity currently through their API:

So this may not be possible to add right now. That said, the Tracker app on Zapier was built and is managed by Tracker’s own developers so it may be worth also reaching out to them directly to request that this functionality is added. They’ll be able to access the feature request details in the share issue tracking tooling we have with them, but sometimes hearing directly from customers can help to speed things up.

Sorry to not have a workaround to suggest for this but should we come across any in the meantime we’ll be sure to share details of them here! 

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Hi Sam,


Thanks for looking into this! So “Resource” is actually “candidate” in this case. I was able to create an activity and link it ot a candidate, but the issue I will have in the future is multiple candidates with that name. That’s why I wanted to use the candidate’s record ID number instead of a name. I was able to obtain this number by looking up the name, email, and phone number using the “search for a resource” step in Zapier, but entering a number in the “resource” field in the “create an activity in Tracker” step does not give the intended result. 

Also, I noticed in the screenshot you provided that “The LinkRecord ID must be the Tracker ID,” which makes it sound like they want the ID number, but that just doesn’t seem to work.


I will reach out to Tracker on this as well, thanks!

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Ah I see! Thanks for clarifying that @fredkms

Definitely would make sense to reference the candidate via their ID number rather than their name. I think it might also be worth reaching out to our Support team as well to flag that the Resource Name field in a Create Activity action isn’t accepting the ID for the resource (candidate) as it should. 

Eager to ensure this gets sorted so please do keep us in the loop on how you get on with both the Tracker and Zapier Support teams! 🙂