task limit exceeded but can't upgrade

  • 13 September 2023
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I am on a pro plan and received a message that we exceeded our 5000 tasks. I believe our monthly plan resets later today. In the meantime, my very urgent zaps are being held. 

I tried upgrading in order to get more tasks, but it says that I need to schedule a call to discuss company pricing options.

I’ve filed a ticket about this issue, but they informed me I probably won’t hear back for 24 hours. What are my options here? My organization depends on these zaps. We run a crisis line, so this can’t wait. 


2 replies

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FYI: There are Task Tiers within each Zapier plan.

At this time, you shouldn’t need to upgrade to a Team or Company plan.


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Hi @OARS-account 

Good question.

Can you post screenshots with what you are seeing related to the issue changing your Zapier plan and context about contact sales?

Help article about changing your Zapier plan:

You can try changing your Zapier plan from your Billing settings: