Squarespace to PandaDoc: Dynamic state content stuck on Alabama state.

  • 17 January 2024
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I have a Zap that takes information from a Squarespace form and triggers a document be created and sent through PandaDoc.  That part works just fine.  I recently added a Smart Content section in the PandaDoc template and a state dropdown menu in the Squarespace form with the goal of having the selected state in the Squarespace form trigger the Smart Content to take the selected state and load the appropriate paperwork into the document before it is sent.

I’m running into an issue where when I set up the Field in Zapier for the state selection, it is only showing “Option One” and will only work if someone chooses Alabama, since that is the first option in the Squarespace form.  I need guidance on how to format the Zap so that it triggers the correct state when sending to PandaDoc.

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7 replies

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We would need to see screenshots of the DATA IN/OUT for Zap steps from a recent Zap Run to have more context.

The value sent to PandaDoc needs to match the expected value for the field in the template.

Can you post sceenshots showing how the PandaDoc template field is configured?

@Troy Tessalone all history shows successful Zaps.

The only issue I have is with the state dropdown choice not coming through correctly, which doesn’t send that data to PandaDoc to load the correct paperwork within the document.

Are you aware of an easier way to collect this data from Squarespace that plays nicer coming into Zapier?

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You can try turning the Zap ON and testing live.

Then check your Zap Runs to see the DATA IN/OUT for each Zap step to help you troubleshoot:


Or you may need to disconnect the Squarespace Form from Zapier in Squarespace, then reconnect the Form to Zapier in Squarespace.

@Troy Tessalone I’m not quite following.  I’ve submitted a test entry in the Squarespace form but even when I “Find New Records” afterwards it shows the same default information as you’re seeing.

The overall Zap works fine, it brings in their email and name and triggers PandaDoc to send them the document packet.  Where it doesn’t work is taking into account what they choose in the state dropdown in Squarespace.  The “Option One” is the main issue, I believe.  I tried taking that out by editing in the Test records but it still wouldn’t work (it then defaults to “no data”).  I thought maybe the lookup table would work at that point but I entered that and tested and no luck.  

The “In which state will you be working” somehow needs to be set as a variable that can accept any of the 50 options.

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The mapped variable values look like dummy data.

Test your Squarespace form by submitting it with representative data.

Then in the Zap trigger ‘Test’ section use the button [Find new records].

Select an example that has your actual test to then configure/test the Zap action steps.


Thanks, @Troy Tessalone

Screenshot is attached.  I’ve tried entering a Utilites Formatter between the Squarespace and Pandadoc steps with a Lookup Table but that didn’t work either.  Somehow it’s always stuck on “Option One”.

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Hi @jrkub 

To help us have more context, please post screenshots with what you are seeing in your Zap step.