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Slack Push to Zapier - Test Data Troubleshooting + Named Variables

  • 17 July 2023
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 Hi there ,

Is there any update on getting accurate test data in the slack push to zapier trigger? I see threads from the past three years and all I see is something about Permalinks fields being added. Also please explain the usages of the permalink fields for this trigger that were added several years ago. 

Context: I want to use an agreed-upon named variable schema (btwn me and my users) in several zaps with the push to zapier slack trigger to transfer those named variable fields to corresponding columns in a google sheet. However, I can’t get any sort of useful test data through to map the named variables even though I can see in the zap history that it’ll work (see picture below).

Also in case it matters for test data coming through - the email tied to the slack account trigger (i.e. slack connection) in the zap is neither the overall zapier account email associated with billing nor is it my email (the builder/tester). Instead, it is a general purpose email.  Unsure if that matter but thought i might have seen something about it in the community. 




Named Variables working in Zap History Data Out



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Hi there @easyautomations-HL,

You may want to try the custom pill mapping method if the fields you’re looking for is not present in the sample data, and you are able to see it in the Data Out of the Zap run.

Here’s more about custom pill mapping: 

Hopefully, this helps! 😊