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Slack Bot coming through as Zapier and not the custom name

  • 8 November 2022
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Hi There! I am having trouble with Slack bots today. I have set up a Zap to send a Slack message to the channel as a bot. I have setup the bot with a custom name and icon. However, when the Zap is triggered it shows in Slack as coming from Zapier and with the Zapier icon. Can someone advise what I might be doing wrong? I have used this workflow several times before with no issue until this morning.

Full Zap is like this:

  • Triggered from change on Google Sheets
  • Filter to only continue if column “Send” exactly matches “SEND”
  • Find file in Dropbox
  • Send Slack message as a bot and attach found dropbox file

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7 replies

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Hey there, @cpzap -

Sorry to hear you’re running into this though we appreciate you flagging it here in community!

I know this is a weird ask but are you using Mac by chance? Also is the bot showing Zapier on both desktop and iOS? I think you’re running into a Slack bug but wanted to double check before adding you to the bug report. 🐛

Thanks so much for your help - we’ll keep an eye out for your response!

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Hi there! I am not using a Mac. I am on Windows 10. And, it appears as Zapier in both my Chrome browser and the mobile app.

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Hi @cpzap!

Are you sending a file in that Slack action, by any chance?

If so, it’s super easy to miss this helper text:


I’m not 100% sure why that limitation is there, but I do know that it’s one of the reasons the custom emoji wouldn’t be coming through.

Workaround that will use 1 extra task each time:

  • send one message that does not have the file attached, and indicate that there’s another message in the thread (you could use the thread icon in your message)
  • send a second message that is a reply to that first Slack message, and send the file in that one instead

It’s not ideal, but it would be one way around it :)

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Ah. I am trying to attach a file. I will try this workaround. Thank you!

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You’re welcome, @cpzap! Thanks for confirming that it was an attachment issue. Hopefully the workaround is suitable!

Hello. I’m having this same issue but I do not have have a file sent. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 


Note: Actually I just noticed that it only shows up as “Zapier” on Slack on my iPhone whereas it shows up as the custom bot name on my mac computer in the desktop Slack app.

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Hi @montrey!

We have found that there is an issue with Slack bots having the wrong name on the Slack iOS app specifically. You can learn more about it in this post:

I’ve also added you to the issue report for this, so you’ll get an email when we have an update. Thanks!