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Shopify "Delivery Instructions" field won't transmit

  • 25 July 2022
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Here I’m just copy-pasting a topic from @Timo-Sparrow posted last year that hadn’t been solved yet.

In response to @nicksimard in the comment of the previous post, I’ld add that the delivery_instructions field isn’t a custom field that we’ve setup (it’s located within the checkout and we can’t access the checkout.liquid file excepting for Shopify Plus accounts)

Here is the post I’m referring to, thank you in advance for your help :


Hi - 

we are using the Shopify Premium Plugin which nicely triggeres the Zap and we are able to get all order data. Almost all. One field is missing, which is unfortunately very important. On checking out in Shopify, which “local delivery” enabled, the user (customer who buys stuff) may select “delivery” and then he gets a textfield to enter “delivery information” - e.g. “please use 3rd door to the left”. We need this field for our delivery service, but its not transmitted by the Shopify-Zap - the whole field is missing. 

The Shopify plugin in developed by Zapier; and I did not find it on GitHub - would be great if they open-sources stuff like that. Can anyone tell me how we can solve that problem?

Please help, Thanks a lot




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Hey @Augustinzap, I had a look at the previous thread and the team advised the original poster to reach out to our Support team to help figure this out.

I think the same applies here, as I couldn't find that specific field when looking at Shopify's documentation. The Support team would be able to look at your specific Zap and let you know why this field isn't showing up!

Let us know if you get this issue solved, so others can benefit from what you find as well!