Salesforce to Jira Service Management: New Cases in SF not appearing dynamically in Jira Service Management.

  • 23 June 2023
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Hi all :)

Curious to know how to make sure that each time there is a new Case careated in SF with record type X 

Jira Service Managment will create a new service request or Issue in Jira.

I am using the Salesforce Jira Zap template and my issue is that the cases created in Jira as Service requests are not dynamic but static. 

So each time I create a new case in SF from record type X, in Jira it will appear as the same case number that I used when testing the Zap (with the same static values).

To better illustrate this, I added a screenshot. So instead of the salesforce Subject fileds to have a dynamic value of each newly create case in SF, it shows me the same value: Test 23.06. Same goes for the Case Number filed, is constantly shows me the same number 00023774 and not the number of each new case created in SF.


What am I doing wrong? 



Anyone has this issue?

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Hi @MoovOne Operations!

Is this happening while you’re testing the Zap in the editor, or when the Zap is published and running live?

If it’s during testing, that would simply require that you retrieve new test records from your trigger step, then use that in subsequent action steps. Based on your screenshot, it looks like you’ve mapped a field that would produce dynamic results when the Zap runs.